It’s easy to feel overwhelmed trying to figure out what you need to do to set up your launch

Launch content is an art form and many people struggle trying to figure out what to actually say DURING their launch.

Many people just get stuck in creation gridlock between all the email sequences, promotional posts, challenge workbook and other graphic assets you need to pull off a world class launch.



  • Save yourself days of writing or thousands of dollars on a copywriter with 24 complete plug and play email templates.

  • These proven email templates will help you through all the phases of your challenge.

  • Build up anticipation in your audience so that they are ready, excited and prepared to participate in your challenge.


I bought the Better Launches Challenge Toolkit and it it incredible! It has really helped me start my challenge and get it ready to send it off. It’s a step by step program and I couldn’t be more excited to use it over and over again and I’m really looking forward to any other programs that Bonnie and Dustin launch.

Jess Cassity



Imagine how much faster and easier you could move forward with your launch if you had…

The entire launch plan all mapped out for you from start to finish so that you could stay in action and without being distracted by superfluous things.

Confidence knowing nothing is going to fall through the cracks with a complete and tested launch plan.

All of the secret tips and tweaks we used to increase our launch conversions by 800 percent! Never have a floppy launch again!

A proven formula for crafting amazing launch content that allows a complete stranger to come to know like and trust you and join your program or buy your course in just four days.

Know exactly what to say and how to say it so that your audience is primed and ready to buy even if they’ve never met you before.

Just to recap...


Today’s Price = $27

Yes, I need this!

Hey there! I'm Eugenia

I’m a launch and business strategist for talented success-driven entrepreneurs and I know things about you.

Like the fact that you are likely an incredibly passionate and highly talented at what you do. You know that your systems and processes can truly serve people.

But maybe your struggling to find a strategy that actually lets you do that in a reliable and authentic way. Maybe your course or coaching program is ready to go but you have no idea what to do next.


Three years ago when I held my first challenge I was struggling to get anything off the ground. I didn’t have a list to launch to and I definitely didn’t hundreds of hours of spare time to build one. I did have a process that I knew could serve people and I genuinely wanted to help.

Over the course of a few weeks I was able to grow a Facebook group to 500 people, make genuine connections and successfully launched my first course. I then went on to launch it over and over and over again. I’ve been hooked ever since.

I’m a HUUUUGE fan of simple, effective business strategies that ACTUALLY WORK and give deserving entrepreneurs traction in their businesses. If you are ready for all of your late nights and agonizing over your dream business to finally culminate in a wildly successful launch I want you to know that it is

entirely possible and you are likely far closer than you think.


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  • You don't think winning the trust of your clients is important.

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