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The Ultimate Course Creation Starter Kit


In this Starter Kit, you'll learn:


7 Tried and True Strategies to Help You Choose the Perfect Course Topic for Your Biz and Your Audience

Don’t worry . . . I’m not gonna ask you to send out dozens of surveys and bury yourself in soul-sucking spreadsheets that no one actually knows what to do with. Instead, you’ll get my most favorite (not to mention highly effective and time-efficient) strategies to help you choose a course topic that is a perfect fit for you (the soon to be course creator), your business and your audience.


The Art & Science of a High-Converting Course Name

Once you come up with your course topic, the next best step is to choose a course name. However, not all names are created equal. Here you’ll learn why your course name can either attract or repel your audience. Plus get access to my go-to tried and true naming formulas so you can get yours locked down in under ten minutes flat. (Let’s DO This!)


The 3 Types of Profitable Digital Courses

What!? For real? There’s more than one? Yep! And it’s so, so, sooo important that you choose the right “course type” for your business if you want to maximize its chances of selling.

Maybe you’ve thought about creating a course for years.

Or maybe it just snuck its way onto your “Start Today” goals journal a few hours ago.

Either way, the Ultimate Course Creation Starter Kit will walk you through what you need to feel totally confident about building and selling your digital course over the next few months.

Cup of Coffee
1 Coffee + 1 Work Sesh with the Starter Kit By Your Side = Confidence to Go “All In” on Building Your Digital Course


You’ll Walk Away Feeling 100% Clear About:

The perfect course topic for you, your business and your audience

A course name that attracts your perfect audience (and gets YOU excited!)

A commitment to make the time to dig in and get started (Let's turn this dream into a profitable reality!)

A Note from Tracy…

I created my first digital course 10 years ago and guess what? It flopped. (I didn’t have resources like this starter kit at my disposal!) Since then, I’ve made more than 30 million dollars in course sales, helped over 48,000 students, and learned a whole heck of a lot about what works and what matters and what doesn’t.

I’ve prepared this special Starter Kit to help you avoid making the mistakes I once made so that you can confidently get on the path to building a massively profitable course the right way. All while serving your market in a powerful, impactful, and time-leveraged way. If that’s your cup of kombucha, get instant access to the guide right here »

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