From The Desk Of Tracy Malone
Washington, DC


Hey Lovely,  

It was March of 2020. Australia was still struggling to put out apocalyptic wildfires spread across 15.6 million acres (and counting…)

And then we were slapped with another shocker... The whole world was starting to shut down. 

We’d been told to stay at home to stay safe. 

Which meant that all TEN types of events that I run each year had to be cancelled.

It was the right thing to do.

But live face-to-face events used to be the biggest revenue driver for my business.

And so, seemingly overnight, I had to reinvent my business in order to keep making the kind of income my team of over 800 employees was used to.

I also had to QUICKLY find an alternative… 

The answer was clear. It was online.

But the BIGGEST question for me was…


Followed by things like…

  • What does a virtual event even LOOK like?

  • ​What platform will be easy for me to host on while also providing a top-of-the-line experience for my attendees?

  • ​What kind of schedule is going to keep the energy UP the entire 2 days we’re “together”?

  • ​What aspects from my in-person events do I ABSOLUTELY have to keep versus which were never really needed in the first place?

  • ​How do I FILL one of these events (and get my guests to actually show up) if they aren’t “on the hook” with plane tickets and hotel stays?

  • ​And, of course, what steps do I take to make SURE this event will not only be profitable, but will also help me sell more (lots more!) of my OTHER products, programs, and offerings?

So, my team and I rolled up our sleeves and got to researching.

We tested dozens of platforms…

We attended loads of other virtual events (often in the middle of the night because of the time differences)...

We designed new schedules, budgets, and charts…

And then we started hosting our very own virtual events.

The first one wasn’t perfect, but it taught us a LOT about attendee communications, upping the production value (really affordably), and creating an atmosphere, plus community, online.

So we continued to test, tweak and refine until our virtual events started making JUST as deep of an impact as our in person event—sometimes even better…

AND started performing like the big money makers I knew they could be.

In just 6 months, we’ve drawn in multiple 6-figures with ⅛th of the cost!

In fact, here’s a screenshot my team sent me showing exactly how our virtual events have been going... ;-)


(And that doesn't even include the revenue made by offering my other programs and packages DURING the event!)

Pretty incredible, right?

Now here’s the best part.

I’m going to teach you how to do the same. :-)

In fact, if you’d like to know with certainty how to quickly add profitable & impactful Virtual Events to your coaching business in just 30-days...

So that you can position yourself as the go-to expert in what you do, develop lifelong bonds with your dream clients, make a meaningful impact in others’ lives, and drive a life changing amount of new revenue to your business in a weekend… 

(I’m talking about a WINDFALL of cash—up to $100,000!)


But before I tell you more about that, let me make something really clear...

This is going to require work on your part.

Both before, during, and after you attend the 2-day Retreat.

But when you too have your own PROFITABLE Virtual Events...

Created and filling up with your dream clients...

Well, it'll be worth it. 


Because your new Virtual Events are going to be that revenue-driving cornerstone in your business that will help sell ALL of your other offerings in less time, with less expense, and with far more ease. 

Allowing you to build your brand, build your legacy, and make a serious impact… fast.

Whether we have another global pandemic that shuts down in person gatherings again or not!

Because What We'll Be Showing You During These 2-Days Together…

...are the exact same strategies we used to generate MULTIPLE 6-figures in Virtual Event sales over just a few months. 

Here’s the best part, Darl.

My team and I have collected every script, every strategy, every email, every ad campaign, every spreadsheet, every template we’ve built over the last several months to successfully plan, fill, and host profitable virtual events...

And we turned them into:

Yes, my team and I are about to teach you exactly how to plan, fill, and host your first PROFITABLE Virtual Event in the next 30 days…

By simply following our step-by-step, tried & tested, blueprint full of template schedules, email campaigns, budgeting spreadsheets, software recommendations, and SO much more.

And THEN you can use that SAME blueprint to host your second event…

And your third…

And your 15th, 20th, 30th, too!

(You get the idea.)

Without paying us another dime.

Which means you can invest in our system once…. and profit from it time and time and time again.

While growing your brand, developing lifelong bonds with your clients, becoming the go-to expert in your niche, and driving revenue to the rest of your business with each and every Virtual Event! 


I’m not suggesting that everyone (or anyone for that matter) who attends this private retreat is going to make multiple 6-figures in the next few months... 

Or any money at all, for that matter.

Unfortunately, it’s also likely that many who attend this 2-day event will do little or nothing…

Even with all the information, systems, insights, and support that The Doers Way Expert Team will give them.

(Especially if they don’t follow the directions and take massive imperfect action.)

As a business owner, your ultimate success will ALWAYS be your responsibility.

Disclaimer: I am not running this event for these types of people... you know who I am talking about...

The whiners, the complainers, the excuse makers, the get-rich-quick chasers.

We're Hosting This Event For Doers Like You!


Someone who is serious about growing their business, and who will take action and make the most out of our 2 days together!

If that's you, there's a good chance you'll be joining the ranks of successful Doers who have already attended retreats like this one. 

Doers like: 

Jackie Sharpe who feels like she has moved a year ahead just from attending our 2-Day virtual retreat.

Philippa Hunt who has gained so much more confidence that she has been able to move into a new teaching business with refined processes that work.

And Natalie Jewkes who has been able to move forward with a real plan and true intention by mapping out a whole course from our Virtual Course Creation Retreat!


Introducing: The Launch Your Virtual Events Retreat

The 2-Day Virtual Experience Designed To Help YOU 
Plan, Fill, and PROFIT From Your Own LIVE Virtual Events!

This intimate, 2-day Virtual Event is designed to help you make a deeper impact with your message, position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche, and of course, create a WINDFALL of cash (up to $100,000 in just a matter of days!)

If COVID and all of the life-changing events of 2020 has forced you to figure out how to pivot your business, and you want to keep growing your revenue in this new virtual world...

Well, then make it your priority to be at this event!

Because the truth is that even after it becomes safe for us to all travel again, Virtual Events will be here to stay. 

I mean, think about it. If companies like yours and mine can generate the same amount of revenue—and just as much impact—at an event that costs just 1/8th of what we usually spend on face-to-face events…

AND we don’t have to worry about the frustrating logistics of venues, travel arrangements, hotel blocks, restaurant reservations, and accommodations…

AND our dream customers have gotten used to attending virtual events (and maybe even prefer them since they can stay in their PJs in the comfort of their own home)...

It is time for you to embrace (and master) the Virtual Event before all your competitors start catching on to this new way of business & life. 

And since my team and I have spent the last 9 months testing, tweaking, and refining our Virtual Event process…

You can learn from us and cut out ALL the guesswork.

Which means planning, filling, and profiting from your event with…

No sales calls...
​No one-on-one consults...
​No techy experience required...
​And no time wasting or procrastination in getting it launched!

All thanks to one very simple Virtual Event system that takes less than 30 days to plan, fill, and host!

Here's How It Works:


The Virtual Events Retreat Is An Immersive Doing Experience…

Together with the other guests from across the world, you'll jump in LIVE and start Doing right away. 

Let's take a look at exactly what we'll be getting done in the “room” together:

Day #1: Building Your Virtual Event


Then on Day #2, we'll focus on filling your program with loyal, raving clients...

Even if you've got no following, no advertising budget, and no idea about tech!

You'll work hands-on with my Expert Team of marketing strategists, funnel builders, and copywriters, to craft your 30-day Marketing Plan. 

Then, we'll look at not only how to sell tickets to your event, but how to get your attendees EXCITED and ready to rock up to your Virtual Event with my world-class onboarding swipes! I'll share my actual campaigns, emails, scripts and more, so you can promote with confidence that your students will have a world-class experience when they attend. 

These are our funnel experts, traffic experts, copywriters, automation tech specialists, program creators, and marketing strategists... 

Who have all worked side-by-side with me throughout this year as we tested, tweaked, and refined the absolute BEST way to host impactful Virtual Events that have grown my business just like my face-to-face events used to!

They all have a unique, tailored skill-set (aka a Genius Zone) that they can't wait to share with you... 

So no matter what question, sticking point or roadblock is standing between you and the launch of your first successful Virtual Event...

You'll have someone to show you the simplest, smartest, and fastest path through!


With our help, this is your chance to finally overcome those 2020 curveballs that have been holding you back from building the successful business you dreamed about on your vision board at the start of the year.

And now more than ever, your people need you to lead them, need you to keep showing up, and need you to serve them.

When you join us at our virtual retreat, this is your chance to ask specific questions, and get specific answers on exactly how to do that in this new virtual world. 

No more generic advice and training...

Just actionable & PROVEN systems, strategies, and tools from a team of Experts who can show you—and implement WITH you—the fastest way to success in this new virtual world. (Because they’ve been doing it all year long!)

Retreat Dates:

Tuesday 12th - Wednesday 13th January, 2020 (USA) | 3pm - 8:30pm EST
(Wednesday 13th- Thursday 14th January (AUS) | 7am - 12:30pm AEDT)


Ganntt Charts, runsheets, and guides can be a HUGE time-suck when you're building your virtual event :-(

But with this toolkit, you'll quickly be able to create organised Gantt charts and runsheets...

Beautiful worksheets and an 'At-Home-Experience guide' to accompany your event... 

And learn how to present to a camera with a World-Class Presenter Masterclass!


Get access to the top industry specific Speaking Topics, Presentation Titles and Content Themes presented at a selection of the most popular Virtual Events.

Including industries such as:

  • Parenting

  • ​Entrepreneurship

  • Nutrition

  • ​Weight Loss / Fitness

  • ​Money / Finance

  • ​Relationships / Dating / Marriage

  • ​Property / Real Estate

  • ​Creatives​

  • ​Career Development

  • ​Mindset / Wellness


I will also be sharing with you my Top 10 Virtual Event Facebook Ads, so you can grow and scale your Virtual Event.

Including industries such as:

You will also receive my Top 3 Sales Funnel Templates to successfully Fill Your Event...

PLUS... you also get access to my Pre & Post Event Email Templates.

Together, this Done-For-You toolkit is worth over $997!

You See, This Isn't Just Another 

“Sit and Watch From The Sidelines” Seminar 
(That you are left to implement and figure out 
for yourself once it’s all through)...

In creating this virtual retreat, I thought long and hard…

How could I make this an absolute “No-Brainer” for you to join me for 2 days and take away all your risk?

So to make sure I’ve done that, I 100% guarantee…

That you will absolutely LOVE the event and receive huge value from the training…

Just as much—if not MORE value that you would get in a face-to-face retreat.

And if for whatever reason you don’t…

I’ll refund you your entire ticket as long as you let me know by emailing ask@thedoersway.com before the start of the second day of training.

Sound fair?

That way literally ALL the risk is on me and not on you!

  • Pioneer this new era of VIRTUAL business... Become the trailblazer of your industry by hosting an exceptional, world-class event using a strategy NO ONE is talking about (yet)...

  • Think you need a big email list, Facebook following, or budget to fill your virtual event? WRONG! All you need are these simple free traffic hacks to fill your event with hundreds of fans effortlessly…

  • ​My Virtual Event Pricing & Positioning Strategy so you can make it a no brainer for your loads of dream clients and customers to say, “YES! Sign me up!”

  • ​The secret to PAID TRAFFIC... when and how to use Facebook Ads like a pro. (Though not necessary if you just want to use organic traffic the first time around.)

  • ​Our TOP funnels to flood dream clients into your event 24/7... even while you're sleeping! Swipe my ACTUAL templates, so you can launch pro-funnels even if you're not "techy".

  • ​My powerful copy, paste, repeat formula you can use to DOUBLE your number of attendees every time you host a new Virtual Event!

  • ​How to get your event in front of the right people you can't wait to work with.

  • My Savvy & Smart Onboarding Process that shows your attendees why rocking up to your Virtual Event will be the best decision they’ve ever made

  • ​The pre-event nurture that decreases no-shows, and creates a virtual room of hot, buzzing attendees (who already know, like, and trust you!) *whew, talk about taking the “presentation pressure” off, right?!*

  • ​The Customer Success Systems you need to have in place to make sure your clients & customers leave your event EVEN MORE happy & excited than when they first signed up. (ready to buy from you again!)

  • How to leverage your virtual event to fill your high-ticket coaching and consulting packages without feeling sleazy or spammy…

  • ​My simple strategy for collecting the JUICIEST testimonials from event attendees - even with it being virtual - that you can use to grow your business all year long.

  • ​The 4 ways to use your Virtual Event to instantly raise your celebrity status and authority in your industry.

  • ​​How to leverage your new Virtual Events to command higher consulting fees and land virtual speaking gigs. 

  • ​How to facilitate CONNECTION between your attendees even in a virtual setting... so they can establish organic, authentic, lifelong relationships! (and you’ll be remembered as the reason they met).

  • ​The 3 Virtual Platforms my team and I SWEAR by to take the tech-overwhelm and guesswork out of your event... (WARNING: These will make you rethink ever using Zoom or Facebook again!)

  • ​Swipe, tweak, and deploy my actual Virtual Event run sheet, pre-event checklists, and briefs to save you DAYS of time planning from scratch.

  • ​Did you know something as simple as your SCHEDULE can "make or break" the engagement, impact, and profitability of your event? I'll show you how to structure your day so your guests show up excited all day.

  • ​How to use content you already have to map out your event talking points without getting drained or burnt out before your event even starts!

  • ​The fast and free finishing touches that set your Virtual Event apart from the rest…

  • ​Swipe my design toolkit to easily create gorgeous workbooks, slide-packs, checklists, branding guides and more... so you can make your Virtual Event look AMAZING without hiring an expensive graphic designer.

  • ​How adding PHYSICAL elements to your VIRTUAL event can double, triple, and even quadruple your profits.

  • Create an exceptional, FOMO-worthy experience for your event with a Welcome Kit, so your attendees are BUZZING even before the day arrives.

  • ​Production 101: How to set and stream a professional setting effortlessly…

  • ​The basics of filming, so you can produce a high-quality, professional, and ultra-engaging Virtual Event without an expensive videographer (or pricey equipment!)

  • ​Think you need to have years of experience or be a trained speaker? Wrong! You’ll discover why you already have everything you need to present at your Virtual Event. (Being a trained speaker can ACTUALLY be a burden)...

  • ​​The truth about becoming an engaging and confident presenter so you look and sound great while getting your students real results.

  • How to convert sales at your workshop, EVEN IF you're not a trained speaker or salesperson.

  • ​Discover what types of face-to-face events can - and should - go virtual. (And stay virtual even AFTER it’s safe for us to travel again! Some may surprise you…)

  • ​Learn the differences between events that should be free and those you should charge for (I discovered the hard way), and which option YOU should focus on first.

  • ​​How to eliminate overwhelm and create structure in your Virtual Event Strategy, so you know the steps to take as a total newbie to become an experienced, in-demand event host!

  • ​​What to do if you have no idea what content & training material to share at your event (and how much is too much)...

… and SO much more! 

 If you’ve read this far down the page, then I KNOW you’re extremely interested in joining us at this virtual event. 


But maybe you’re still wondering if it’s a good fit for you personally.

Let me make this a super simple decision for you. If you can say “yes” to ANY of the points below, this event was custom created SPECIFICALLY for you, lovely.

And I’m 100% confident you’re going to succeed with your first virtual event when you implement what we teach you.

Here goes...

  • ​You used to host live (face-to-face) events in your business, but you had to cancel everything due to COVID and you’re looking for a safe alternative that will earn you LOADS of revenue (it’s multiple 6-figures for me!) at an 1/8th of the cost;  

  • You are a coach or consultant who wants to build your brand (and your legacy) NOW and in the future as we move forward in this new virtual world;

  • You value learning from someone ELSE’S trial, error, and expensive mistakes. You’d rather remove the guesswork by having someone else teach you what to do step-by-step, click-by-click, than try to figure it out on your own from scratch; 


  • The isolation we’ve all felt in 2020 has you wanting to make an even deeper impact with the people you serve and develop lifelong bonds in just a few hours​​, but you have no idea where you would even start in building an exciting, professional, SOLD OUT, profitable Virtual Event.


Now that you know this event is a perfect fit for where you’re at with your business right now, maybe you’re just left with a couple of quick questions before you say “YES GRACE! I AM IN!!”

Here are the most common questions we could think of so you don’t have to debate, wonder, or think about this decision any longer. :-)



Do I already need to have a Virtual Event outline or a good idea of what I’ll teach?
Nope! I'll be showing you how to take your Virtual Event from the concept phase, right up to launch and sales. 


What stage of business do I need to be in?
In order to get the absolute MOST value out of this event, you’ll need to have a program or service you've already tested and validated. Whether that means you’ve sold to a few customers, or you’ve interviewed your target audience to prove there is a need for what you do.


What if I don't have a coaching, consulting or professional services business?

This event is designed for businesses in a similar business model to mine as I'm specifically showing you how to host PROFITABLE virtual events to drive the growth of a coaching or consulting program or a professional service offering. I prefer to be super focused and show you exactly what I'm doing that's working well, hence the restriction to only coaches, consultants or professional service businesses.


Is this included with my Doers Inner Circle Membership?

Nope. But we highly encourage our Inner Circle Members to sign up so they are supported to take their business to even higher revenue and impact levels with virtual events. 


What do I need to prepare?

We've got a Doing Checklist we'll send you in advance, so you can feel super confident walking into the Retreat, that you're going to get the most out of your time together. 


What if I can't make the dates above?

Unfortunately, those are the only dates we’re hosting this particular event for the foreseeable future.


How will I join the Retreat? 

All sessions will be hosted online. You'll receive a link to jump inside prior to the day. All you need is a strong WiFi connection to join us from anywhere in the world!


What time will the Virtual Retreat run? 

The retreat will run from 3pm - 8:30pm est (7am - 12:30pm aedt) on both days. Here’s a handy tool to convert the event schedule into your local time zone to make it super easy! :-)

Here’s the final piece of my message to you today, Darl.

Virtual events are here to stay.

Whether we face another pandemic, more wildfires, or nothing at all.

The future has been set. Businesses have learned they can earn just as much revenue without all the expense.

Attendees have learned they can get just as much value without leaving their homes.

I’m not saying in person events will never happen again.

But I am saying that embracing Virtual Events as a necessary component of the overall health and profitability of your business…

Is the BEST thing you can do to protect yourself and your business both today and in the future.

And learning how to host your first virtual event (profitably) in just 30 days from my team and I is your BEST chance at success.

Especially since you’re saving THOUSANDS of dollars and MONTHS of your time learning from us versus testing, tweaking, trial, and erroring on your own.

I don’t know when (or if) we’ll ever host this event again so NOW is your chance to say “YES!” and get access to everything you need.

If you don’t absolutely love our time together, you’re always protected by my money-back guarantee.

That is IF you hit the button below and join us before the doors close on 11th January 2021.

I can’t WAIT to see you there!