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How to Get Crystal Clear on Creating Your Irresistibly Bankable Offer

Get Ready to Show Up And Stand Out So You Can Start Getting Your Dream Clients To Say YES More!

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In This 30-Day Activation, You'll Uncover...


My 7-Figure Formula to create your bankable offers in just a few minutes without the fancy tech or complicated marketing funnels! 


Get crystal clear on your high-ticket offer so you can fill your programs while you sleep


How to have the confidence you need to hit your targets and fulfill your income goals...

Tracy Malone is a Business Coach and Branding Strategist, Founder of The American Association of Female Entrepreneurs, and The Activation Inner Circle. She has built a stellar membership community of female entrepreneurs who are on a mission to building a bankable business using her proven income generating strategies.


How to put all the puzzle pieces together and CONFIDENTLY KNOWING you are going to create an offer your dream clients are ready to pay you for


Discover how to price your offer in a way that actually attracts a cold audience—without reducing your sense of self-worth and value!


Get exclusive access to the BEST KEPT SECRET high-performing coaches and consultants are using to sell their courses, programs and products like hotcakes!

Plus Much, Much More Including:


We'll be keeping it 100% real, raw, honest, and practical with time for two LIVE Training Activations during the month of August...


Live Q&A Support with The Activation team to help you implement this proven offer creation system in your business and life too. 


The Powerful 7-step Offer Creation Formula FREE when you show up alongside women just like YOU from all over the world...


The support of a group of other female entrepreneurs in coaching, consulting and professional service based businesses around the world.


The 1-on-1 kickstarter call to help orientate you on what to implement first for fast results. 


Learn How You Can Have Your Most Profitable and Fulfilled Year Ever...

...without being stuck. 

...without spending a whole bunch of money. 

...without having sales experience.

...and, without having a large team to get things rolling!

The Activation Inner Circle Is For You If:

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You have an income goal of $20,000/month 


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You want to turn profit into passion, so you can stop working a 9 to 5 building someone else’s business….

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You have a Bankable Gift to share with your market, but you need help packaging up your offer so that your market will pay attention to you..

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You want a simple way to hit your income goals without a complex formula...

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You are tired of hearing "No, not now" whenever you have a Discovery Call and want to confidently convert more sales with ease

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You want help creating a solid offer that you can easily sell doing what you love every single day. 

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You want to avoid years of trial and error with simple action steps you can take to kickstart your coaching business the right way.


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