Secret #1 – How to Discover Your God Given Gift So You Can Get Paid While Your Sleep...

Hey Lady... it's Tracy!

When I tell women that they can have a million-dollar business where they get paid to teach what they're good at - their passions – they usually bust out laughing... and give me an eye roll.

And, I can't blame them for doing that! 😉

None of us were born knowing what to do in order to earn a 6 and 7 figure income... especially doing something we would actually love doing...

Over the years, I’ve coached hundreds of women to figure out what they were born to do, so they could have a profitable product and service…

One that makes them money while they sleep...

Not to mention... what I taught allowed them to create the lifestyle they always wanted.

And I want to show you how to do the very same thing…

Sounds like a stretch, yup, I know…

But it's something I feel super confident in doing 🙂

And it doesn't matter what you're gifted at... Even if your passion is bird catching… health and wellness... gardening… podcasting... playing the piano… makeup... nutrition... fitness... business... relationships... parenting… breaking addictions… life coaching... social media marketing... or any of the other 949 niches out there... ​ I promise that there are tons of people waiting in line to get you to help them! And you may be wondering... But what if you have multiple passions or skills? Or what if you are passionate about something, but aren't sure whether you can make money from it? Or the big one... What if you haven't or don't know how to pick a topic or a passion? If you're having trouble finding a profitable niche or you are not sure if you're in the right one, then I want you to know something... ​ The coaching, consulting, and social distance learning world pulls in over 150 BILLION dollars in sales every year! That's crazy money... Isn't that nuts!?! And that's one of the reasons I always say - if you have passion for a topic, or have a skill that's set around a topic... There's almost ALWAYS a market out there where people will literally throw money at you and pay you the BIG BUCKS to help teach them what you know... And again, it doesn't matter what your passion or your skillset is... ​ Do you want to get in on the action? 😉 ​ Well, keep reading because I want to show you how to do just that. ​ But first, let me tell you a story about my own experience… ​ It'll help YOU avoid one of the biggest mistakes you can make when launching your coaching, consulting, course or training business.... ​ A few years ago I launched a coaching program about teaching people how to have good manners and how to dine like a pro... ​ So I built an etiquette course and put it out to market… And guess what?!? ​ After putting a ton of time, money, and energy into putting it all together... NOT A SINGLE PERSON BOUGHT IT!!!! ​ Not even one... ​ Have you ever worried this would happen to you when launching your coaching business or course? ​ Or better yet, has it already happened?!? ​ Well, let me be the first to tell you... It was so embarrassing... and shocking at the same time. ​ It definitely made me want to give up.

So ofcourse... I did what most people do when they fail at something... I tried again, but this time... I had a different plan. Ya' see.. this is one of the reasons why it's so important to have a mentor in your life... ​ One who will tell it like it is... ​ And tell you straight up... but done with love... ​ My mentor told me that even though I was great at teaching kids how to sit properly... and training adults how to be civil in the workplace... ​ That being an etiquette coach was not what God had created me to become... ​ He told me that if I didn't stop the etiquette coaching that I'd miss what God had for me... ​ I was so shocked to hear this… ​ Because I’d spent so much time training with the best etiquette and civility coaches in the world... ​ I won awards...

I was recognized... ​ But in that moment, I suddenly realized how valuable his advice was. ​ And here’s why… He made me realize that people are gifted to do certain things... ​ Things that when they are so passionate about... they are willing to sacrifice for... ​ Everyone was created with something unique... something that comes so naturally to you... ​ And even though I was "passionate" about etiquette... ​ It wasn't what I was born to do. Instead, I was rather meant to serve women and help them achieve their greatness... ​ This lesson taught me how important it was to create your business from your God-given gift. ​ And guess what? As soon as I started training women to become powerhouses in their industry, my income tripled... ​ Then quadrupled... ​ And now I make more than all of my old bosses, COMBINED!! But every time I get sidetracked and stray from my God-given gift of helping women soar in their business, things don't go so well... ​ And, ultimately, I can’t serve more people...

So now, I ONLY work in my God given gift… Infact, I even make sure my kids are aware of their God given gifts... And I teach all of my students to build businesses based on THEIR God given gifts too!! ​ Because when you build your business based on the foundation of YOUR gifts, everything flows... ​ Everything is crystal clear... From your courses... to your programs... to your products... right down to your bank account! ​ Listen... at the end of the day... EVERYTHING becomes clear and flows easily when your business and your courses are designed from your God-given gift. ​ And at first... It sounded funny... Mind-boggling... And even like a gimmick... The day you build your business based around your God-given gift... something supernatural will happen that will usher you into your season of greatness... One that gets you excited about life... Because you are serving the people you are called to serve. 😉

And there's so much more to this so I hope you'll join me in my Facebook group, where I show you:

  • How to Choose Your Gift So That You Can Finally Get Excited About Life Again

  • How To Create A 6 And 7 Figure Business From Your Gift So You Can Share Your Message With The World

  • How to Turn Your Gifts And Ideas Into A Program That Sells In As Little As The Next 30 Days...

  • How to Have Clients Begging To Buy Your Course Even If They've Never Trained With You Before

  • How to Map Out Your Course From Start To Finish

Are you excited?!?

I get SO excited when I help fellow women entrepreneurs discover their God-given gift, because when it's activated... the sky is the limit 🙂

So, get excited!

And know that I'm super proud of you already... and I can't wait to see your results!

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