Are you ready to position yourself to power past the impossibilities, build  a booming six-figure business, and create a purpose-driven life of  total happiness?





-Tracy Aboagyewa Malone

Power Coach & Success Mentor

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First things first...

This isn't for everyone. Think, Love and Grow Rich

is for ambitious women who want to become their own brand, scale their business, brand an idea, and change their future.  My sweet spot is getting real results and transforming women in a big, big mind blowing way. 


I will teach you exactly everything I wish I would have known when I first started my businesses.  You will have the opportunity to double or triple your income by kick starting, scaling, and up-leveling your life, the RIGHT WAY. 


I teach women, just like you everyday how to grow their business, become the CEO of their life, and create real wealth.  With my step-by-step training you will take your ideas from concept to creation and wake up with a newfound joy because you will FINALLY have the tools to figure out your life's purpose.


Trust me, you've come to the right place.​  Tomorrow by this time... you'll be a new woman with a new wallet! 

Build Your Dream Life!




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A Note to my Future Millionaires

First of all... I know that you're yearning for so much more in this so-called journey of life.  Believe me, there's no cap on what you can accomplish.  It's clear you understand that you were born to win, that time is money and that certainly there's something in you that the world desperately needs.  In fact, ever since you were a little girl, you've aspired to fulfill your every dream and achieve your every goal.

I bet you hunger for the opportunity to reach people from around the world with the unique gifts and talents that you possess, but the reality is this... fear has gotten the best of you and you don't think it's possible to actually live the American Dream.  There are things you love to do, but you're completely clueless about where to start and you're unable to organize your thoughts to even see through the clutter of trials, tribulations, and roadblocks that hinder your dreams from becoming a reality.

You've somehow lost sight of your capacity because the 9 to 5 has become your norm and you're now stuck.  So stuck that all of your personal business ideas and dreams seem seconds away from crumbling like a ton of bricks.

You're overworked, overwhelmed, overly stressed, and underpaid.

You're ready to go from broke to a boss, from work-a-holic to the CEO of your own life.  A CEO that has become her own brand, that scales big, that sees real results, and a women that receives the treasures locked away for only those who truly Think, Love, and Grow Rich.

If this sounds like you... then without a doubt, it's time to regain control over your life and recharge your dreams. Believe me, we're on to something bigger than you could ever imagine!

Let's Talk About

What You Desire!

  • A chance to declutter your mind so you can have the mental freedom to become the CEO of your life

  • Time to discover what you are passionate about so you can realize your life's purpose

  • A dedicated team that will help you to be more effective so you can achieve more


  • The ability to set short term and long term goals that will transform your life and hold you accountable.


  • Resources to invest in yourself and develop your gifts and talents so you strengthen mind, body and soul to be able to best serve others

  • A business where you can implement strategies of success that millionaires use very single day

  • To kickstart the business you've always dreamed about

  • To scale big and start making a six or seven figure income by doing what you absolutely love to do

  • To figure out your niche and target market so that your offerings meet the demand

  • To learn effective market research strategies that get you the results you desire

  • To build a strong brand with a solid website and promo graphics that will compel your clients to use your products and services

  • Insight to create a consistent online presence that will gives you the visibility you need to attract new clients and Facebook group members


  • A business with instant access that allows you to work from anywhere in the world

  • To develop a solid marketing funnel with a picture perfect lead generation plan that will help you to  sell like a high end entrepreneur


  • The ability to automate with innovative platforms that will grow your business

  • Confidently present your products and programs while making money as you sleep

  • ​To grow your email list and build loyal relationships with customers  who relate to your strong brand message

  • To master the art of conversation, selling, and negotiation so you can close every deal.

  • To develop an exit plan that will enable you to be your own boss 

  • To be mentally and structurally ready so that your business can run on it's own

...but, Here's the Problem!

You've been stuck behind a desk building someone else's million dollar company and you're beginning to realize that it's time to stop doing the same ol' thing which will only result in the same old results. 


You're finally ready to focus and discover how the self-made millionaires are scaling and growing their business!


You are marketing here and there, but nothing seems to be generating leads, interest, or sales that convert to real money.

You are running your business as a one-woman operation and meeting the demands of your clients is causing you so much anxiety that it feels like you won't survive another year in business.

You are being pulled in twelve different directions and you can't concentrate long enough to grow your business with a solid marketing plan to push your products and services.


You are just not making enough and you have no idea how you're going to pay your bills at the end of the month.

If you are not investing in your own personal development and growth and you have no idea how to build a business that can run on its own, it's time to change your mindset and think outside of the box.

Let's set your business to experience


I used to live the life you live...

So, stop right there and pull yourself together because...

  1. You CAN keep your dreams alive.

  2. You CAN start a new journey to change your life right here and right now.

I'm Tracy Malone and I AM HERE TO STIR UP the greatness that's laying dormant inside of you, PERIOD.  I am a 6-figure online wealth activating power coach with a Master's in Business Administration and years of experience birthing and building businesses just like yours, all from the ground up.  I ACTIVATE WOMEN, from all walks of life, with a proven success formula to brand themselves and their ideas and help make them known in the industry they serve.

I know exactly what you're going through, sis... yes, I've been there and done that!

In fact, before I discovered the secret, I tried everything to get my business off the ground and noone believed in the future of my dreams more than I did.  Hands down, I wanted a lifestyle of wisdom, happiness, freedom, and wealth.  

But the truth was this...

  1. My dream was just a dream

  2. I didn't have a clue where to start

  3. I was all over the place, with no clear direction and plan

  4. I didn't have the perfect product 

  5. I hadn't discovered the perfect audience

Yes, I had a 401(k) I could fall back on and yes I made great money working 9 to 5.  Yes, I was an asset to my company and had a career anyone would envy, but I WAS STUCK... stuck in doing the same thing ALL DAY EVERY DAY, stuck in being distracted, stuck in not challenging myself, stuck in running all over town for everyone else, and I wasn't making an impact.

It hit me when I Googled myself and there were ZERO RESULTS.  WOW!!!  I thought to myself, if I were to die tomorrow, I had absolutely nothing to give back to the world.  

So I woke up and immediately started to RISE AND GRIND.  I did my research, I got certified, I invested in myself through powerful mentorship, and then BOOM... it all started to make sense.  I discovered the millionaire formula that people I aspired to be like used to become successful and command their future!!


My life has transformed!  I wake up HAPPY!  I have a MILLIONAIRE MINDSET, I own my time, I can afford to put my children in the top school, I travel all over the world when I want and how I want, I love myself, I love what I do, I can spend quality time with my husband and kids, I'm a faithful tither, and without a shadow of doubt, I am finally making an impact!


TM's your TIME... your TURN... and your SEASON...



Whether you're in need of a one-to-one or group coaching program, a DIY Course, or you'd like to attend one of my events, you are the reason I have put this program together

Your Days Of Not Living A Life Of Purpose Are Coming

To An End...

No longer will you live paycheck to paycheck and spend your precious time building someone else's company.  It's time to work less and make more for yourself, your family, and for generations to come.  Together, we will journey through the actions that will give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to build your own business and create real wealth for yourself so you can live the extraordinary life you deserve.

You Can Live the Life You Deserve

No more fear, panic, depression or anger because of financial stress.  Together, we'll identify exactly what you're passionate about, what your hot spots are, and develop a road map to magnetizing your happiness. This is your chance to step outside of the box to find your happy place through your passion and purpose.

You Can Find Your Happy Place

No more will you allow your day to own you.  You will rather learn how own your day and set your own terms.  You can't have it all (beauty, brains, and bucks) unless you challenge yourself to have more and to be more.  Together, we will create a solid game plan so that you're able to see a true return of investment on the person that matters the most, you!

You Can Discover Who You Were Born To Be 

Let's Talk About

What You Should Expect!





Get ready to experience growth in every area of your life.  You'll be recharged to take your business to the highest level possible, at an incredibly fast speed.

I will help you design a brand you'll not only love, but one that will ultimately position you to build AND grow a booming business that will give you the financial freedom you absolutely and positively deserve.

This level of training is only available to the ambitious women in my exclusive mentorship program.  My clients work with me because of my drive and passion for success.  It's magnetic, inspiring, motivating, and honestly a breath of fresh air from other programs that don't steer you in the right direction.  I am devoted to helping women just like you to achieve their goals of successful entrepreneurship and to escape the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. 


I will not let you stand in the way of your dreams... my job is to carve out a structure for success that will help you get to where you need to be... period!

Let's Talk About

My Two Signature Programs!

"Think, Love & Grow Rich™ "Passion  + Purpose" Program:

Discover Your Happy Place

30-Day Program

30-day coaching program designed for dreamers, new entrepreneurs, new business owners, and ambitious visionaries ready to get results and be activated to walk into a new dimension of wealth. This program has an emphasis on goal setting, taking action to start your business, and exploring the secrets of how to obtain wealth.  Plus, you will learn the strategies of success that millionaires use everyday so you can break the cycle of poverty in your life.

Think, Love & Grow Rich™ Passion  + Purpose Program:

Discover Your Happy Place

30-day program

Your key takeaways will be:

Freedom of Mind, Body & Soul

You'll restructure your life once and for all.  You'll have a clear understanding of how and why to let go of distractions, drop the excuses, and assess "the damage" and road blocks that have hindered you from living a purpose-filled life.  You'll develop measurable skills of tidiness, focus, and decision making.

Identifying your Passion

Your desire to no longer be willing to allow FEAR stop you from fulfilling your LEGACY will be greater than ever.  You'll receive guidance and support in designing your Journey Plan while figuring out what your passion is. You'll discover your worth, strengths, and have crystal clear clarity on why you were born to win!

Goal Setting & Taking  Action

You'll have the courage to start taking real,  measurable action to start or rebirth your business, Casting vision and putting together a solid business game plan.

In 30 power-packed days with me, you will receive:

Personal Development Training:

  • Strategic areas of development to help set you apart to outclass the competition

  • Weekly training including full video and workbook training modules

  • Access to my exclusive Think, Love, & Grow Rich resources and support team

Group Power Accountability:

  • Weekly Q&A coaching call to discuss weekly successes and challenges and assess where you are.  Group calls will take place via Zoom.

  • Access to a private Facebook group of strong, passionate women banded together to empower, support and watch one another take their business and finances to another level

  • Networking opportunities and lifelong friendships from other women in the program.

One-on-One Support

  • Full email access to Tracy Malone and the Think, Love & Grow Rich team.

  • (2) Two 1:1 Power Strategy Coaching session

  • Personalized assessment review of your progress


Supporting Material

  • Access to podcasts made especially for you

  • List of recommended reading 

The Benefits:

  • This is your opportunity to turn fear into fuel, change your mindset, identify how you will monetize your passion so you can finally walk into your purpose and begin to execute success strategies what it takes to become a million dollar woman.

...for super serious entrepreneurs...

My 90-day program is all yours!

Think, Love & Grow Rich™ "Mentorship Train-the-Trainer" Program:

Picture Perfect Wealth

90-day Program


12-week signature mentorship program designed for fresh starts, courageous entrepreneurs and savvy business owners. This program will help you build a strong foundation for your business.  I will teach you how to monetize your skills and teach you exactly how to make your dreams become a reality and how to become success conscious.  This program has an emphasis on identifying your brand, finding your niche, changing your mindset, building your own wealth, commanding your market, and teaching others how to activate wealth.  Includes 2-day live session, weekly 1:1 Recharge Sessions and an interactive curriculum.

Apply Now

"Think, Love & Grow Rich™ Entrepreneurs Mentorship Train-the-Trainer Program:

Picture Perfect Wealth

90-day program


Your key takeaways will be:

Scaling Your Business With Greater Velocity

You'll learn right off the bat the only way to truly scale and grow your company.  You'll begin to do it so well that you won't only see growth at a velocity speed, but you will learn how to own your time and get your life back.  As you begin to accelerate and build your team, you'll quickly gain the skills of sustaining your business, while producing more by doing less.

Commanding Your Marketing

In order to create real wealth, you'll need to set yourself apart from the competition.  You'll receive the tools to kickstart your business, identify the perfect product for your perfect audience, and build a solid social media community.  We'll help you develop a captivating brand that will position you to build AND grow a booming business.  If you want the financial freedom that you deserve, you'll have to know how to validate your business concept, convert your customers, and automate your life.

Training Opportunities

Trust me... everyone will want to know your secret!  What's better than finding inner happiness and building a successful six-figure business from the ground up?  The Think, Love & Grow Rich affiliate program will provide you with the opportunity to teach others how to have business success, make money, and become catalysts of change for the entire world.  The partnerships and experiences you will be privy to as an affiliate will empower you for an even greater level of success.

In just 90 life-transforming days with me, you will get:

Live Session

  • Hands on, interactive 2-day training with step-by-step instruction on transforming your dream into a business

  • Affiliate  Status

  • Certification of Completion

Personal Development Training:

  • Strategic areas of mindset coaching and personal development to help set you apart to outclass the competition

  • Weekly training including full video and workbook training modules

Group Power Accountability:

  • Weekly Q&A coaching call to discuss weekly successes and challenges and assess where you are.  Group calls will take place via Zoom.

  • Access to a private Facebook group of strong, passionate women banded together to empower, support and watch one another take their business and finances to another level

  • Networking opportunities and lifelong friendships from women in the program who are ambitious, like-minded and have big goals and dreams for their lives.

One-on-One Support

  • Full email access to Tracy Malone and the Think, Love & Grow Rich team.

  • (4) Four 1:1 Power Strategy Coaching session

  • Personalized assessment review of your progress


Supporting Material

  • Access to my exclusive Think, Love, & Grow Rich resources and support team

  • Access to podcasts made especially for you

  • List of recommended reading 

Program Extras & Bonus

Bonus #1

Custom Checklists

Branding and client checklists  that will help to keep you on track and get you noticed

Bonus #2

Audio, Scripts and Templates

Receive access to templates and wealth audio files to jumpstart your business

Bonus #3

Branding Material

Get logo designed and launch your own fabulous social media community with a large following.

Valued at $1,497

Valued at $2,499

Valued at $1,999

week 1

Intros and  Outros

It's time to clean up, focus, and make some key decisions about your future, freedom, and finances.  We will tackle how to overcome fear, how to get unstuck so you can get clear and prepare yourself to build a booming business.

week 2

Passion & Purpose

It's time to discover who you were born to be and get your life back on track.  We'll work together to identify your strengths, skills, and talents so you can monetize your passions.  We will awaken your inner fire and get a clear understanding of how the unique skills you possess will lead you to your purpose.

week 3

Goal Setting

It's time to create an action plan so you understand how and why you need to stick to your goals.  We will lay out the plan because a goal without a plan is doomed to fail. Identifying how to power past failure and understanding the characteristics of successful people will help you achieve your big goals.

...over $3,000 in bonus material...

week 4

The "I" in Investing

It's time to reflect on your money situation and outline where you are investing your finances and your time.  You have to get out of feeling financially tight and be clear on where money is coming in and going out. We will outline how you invest your time and energy to take the world by storm and position yourself for success and as an expert in your industry.

week 5

Success Strategies

It's time to understand how successful people think and operate in life.  When you know the recipe of the princi